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Kids Booking Policy


Kids styles are for children ages of 1-10 years old. Children ages 11+ will be charged full price for the style that is booked.

All inspo pics must be sent (2) days prior to your appointment. If not received, I will freestyle a style on my own.

Electronic devices (iPad, tablet, cellphones, etc.) are more than welcomed. My goal for every Doll in my chair is a smile. While I do understand every Doll isn't the same,

I try my best to accommodate all my Doll's and make sure they're as comfortable as possible in my chair. I understand children can be combative but I have a 0 tolerance for hitting.  If it becomes unbearable, services will be ended. With that being said as of December 1st, 2023 there will be a $20 crying fee added to kids styles. If hair is matted, knotted or  I have to detangle, there's an additional $20 fee. If services is ended bc of hitting, you will still be responsible for the entire balance of the appointment.

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